Five Sentence Fiction: Blades

Once I start writing, I see it is hard for me to stop, so I’d like to share my entry for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction, prompt courtesy of Lillie McFerrin.

Here was the picture for my inspiration.


And here is the song that inspired it. Feel free to listen as you read.


The word this week was BLADES.

Through the forest she wandered, wet-clumped snow flying in her face and clinging to her eyelashes. Whenever she tried to rest her head, the blades of her antlers dug cruelly into the back of her head and cut her shoulders.

She’d only laughed at the hunched old woman: “Grandmother, you ought pluck that hair growing from your face.” She hadn’t meant any harm, but now everyone she approached fled.

She sagged against a tree, heedless of her blood that trickled down the trunk like a single tear.


  1. Holly
    Jun 21, 2013

    I love it. It is sad.

  2. Rosalind Smith-Nazilli
    Jun 21, 2013

    Just beautiful.. As is your lovely website..x

  3. injaynesworld
    Jun 21, 2013

    Wow. Does not pay to piss off granny. What an interesting use of the prompt. Really lovely imagery here. I enjoyed this piece very much.

  4. McGuffy Ann Morris
    Jun 22, 2013

    Very creative and imaginative take on the prompt!

  5. Lisa Shambrook
    Jun 22, 2013

    Careful what we say in jest or even advice eh? Great piece, and loving your writing, as always!

  6. Lizzie Koch
    Jun 23, 2013

    A wonderfully dark tale Anna written so well with a lesson to be learned. I love your blog. It is so peaceful here. I shall visit lots to read wonderful tales in such a beautiful setting! xxx

  7. kindredspirit23
    Jun 24, 2013

    Well done. Loved the idea.

  8. Maggie Grace
    Jun 24, 2013

    First of all, awesome image of the woman with antlers. Wonderful write. Don’t cross old women…or better yet…do unto others. Eeks.

  9. Becky Fyfe
    Jul 2, 2013

    Lovely and dark. It goes well with the image and you did a wonderful job of creating the atmosphere of the piece in so few words. :)

  10. Daniel Swensen
    Jul 2, 2013

    I like me some Faun.

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