Blogflash 2012: Success

This Blogflash 2012 entry proves not all success is positive.


 “Hair black as coal, skin white as snow, beauty unceasing, true heart revealing.”

Elidia chanted the prophecy; it left a galling taste in her mouth, like the arsenic creams used to whiten her skin. Whiter, whitest, still the furrows in her face deepened.

She’d been the beauty, married the King. But Time, inexorable, curved creases round her mouth.
She pricked her finger with a gold needle and trailed it across her Mirror, tying the enchantment. 
Within the reflection, Snow White’s ruby mouth opened in a silent scream. 
Elidia reached for her face cream, the taste of success on her lips.


  1. JB Lacaden
    Aug 21, 2012

    Dark and dark. I like it! Expected only the best and I got the best. Love your take on the evil stepmother 😉

  2. Bullish
    Aug 21, 2012

    So wonderfully dark! I shall not sleep a wink tonight!! :)


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