Slowtime: Prelude – "Slipping Under"

Thus continueth the Slowtime serial. For those who didn’t see earlier episodes, Slowtime is a concept album by my friend Paul Ramey. It’s set in a dust bowl future of overpopulation and shortages.

–  Slipping Under –

The warning chime rang.

“My love, it’s time for Quietus to begin.”

“Will it hurt?”

Enu hesitated a split second. “They say it’s like falling asleep,” he said. “But you won’t have your bad dreams.”

“What if I get stuck in a nightmare and stay there for all of Quietus?”

He pushed a lank blonde lock out of her face. “Elaida, you won’t. I promise.”

“You can’t promise.” At least she was smiling now. “Nobody knows.”

“I’ll be in the cryochamber next to yours. I’ll be the first thing you see when you wake.”

The fading sun slowly slipped behind the plateau.

She bit her lip, “I guess I should do my civic duty. I know there’s too many of us. It’s time for someone else to be Awake.”

The chimes rang the hour. Everyone else had already began. Silence washed across the desert.

“Don’t be scared.”

She slid down into her cryochamber, looked up at him with sad eyes, “See you in a year.”

He kissed her with a ferocity that startled them both. As he settled into his own chamber, her voice floated over.

“Tell me I’m not giving my life away for nothing, Enu.”

“You’re not giving it away. Just leaving it for awhile.”

The cover clicked shut.


Curious? Read the next bit, Slowtime Episode 1: “Waking” and Episode 2: “Falling”


  1. Rowanwolf
    Jul 15, 2012

    This is a fantastic dystopian concept. I love it!! Gotta go read the others. 😀

    • Anna Meade
      Jul 15, 2012

      Ahhh, thank you Stacy! Your kind words mean a lot. I’m a little insecure about this project, way out of my comfort zone, so thank you :)

  2. Your writing always takes me to places that are completely unfamiliar yet because of the way you write, I feel I understand them.

    I have been enjoying your series and am glad you are keeping at it :)) Beautiful, as always, Anna!

  3. David P. King
    Jul 24, 2012

    Cool! I’ll have to start this from the beginning. :)

  4. flickm
    Aug 15, 2012

    What a treat, beautifully laid out and conceived and well written with fabulous illustrations.
    thank you,

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