The Perils of Period Film Research

All those rumors you heard are true. I did post over at Dasia’s amazing blog, Dasia Has a Blog. You can go read it here: Anna’s Guest Post on Dasia Has a Blog – Top Ten Torrid Moments in Period Film.

Disclaimer: This guest post includes a great deal of blushing and self-fanning, as well as some of the most torrid moments in period film I could find. It was too saucy for this blog, which ranks it roughly at PG-13.

I’m still missing my number 10, so head over there and share your favorite. Seriously. Because there’s only so many times I can watch some of these scenes over and over again before people start talking.

WARNING: May cause quickened breathing and increased heart rate. Just saying.


  1. Dasia
    Jan 28, 2012

    Tee hee. Torrid torrid torrid! It’s one of my new favourite words. I must have my sister photoshop a new version of Benedict Cumberbatch TORRIDLY weequashing in crisp twilight. Maybe he’ll have his shirt off and he’ll be blushing or fanning himself or something XD

    • ruanna3
      Jan 30, 2012

      You, my dear, are a hoot. I avidly look forward to this torrid version of our sweet Benedict weequashing. I feel faint already!

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